We are mainly focused on finding workers for technology companies. Our service is directed both to the human resources departments of companies and to recruitment agencies. Our company finds highly qualified and certified industrial professionals for you in the Turkish labor market. Spend less time and money finding candidates that fit your company. We have a wide selection of candidates for you to choose from. You can pay in two steps. A second candidate is found if the first candidate does not meet your requirements. All our candidates must provide us with their diplomas, certificates and references, which we will check for validity before presenting them to you.

We specialise in the placement of workers for engineering services in the fields of:

  • mechanical engineering (CNC machining, welding, painting, assembly, maintenance, 3D drawings, etc.).
  • civil engineering,
  • electrical and electronic engineering,
  • chemical engineering,
  • HVAC technologies (heating, ventilation and air conditioning),
  • logistics services,
  • automotive technologies (mechanics, maintenance technicians, etc.),
  • agricultural technologies,
  • office workers in administration,
  • catering (cooks, food technicians).