Our Story

Having started out as Omega Machinery Manufacturing Ltd. in 1990, Venis Consulting has a long history of R&D, manufacturing, imports, exports and consequently international marketing. Throughout our diverse business affairs and enterprises, we have engaged in many governmental and commercial projects who were in need of innovative solutions to complex problems.

Recognizing climate change, resulting agricultural crisis and economic repercussions in time, we have invested a great deal of time and resources to agricultural technologies.

To the degree that in 2008, we have established a new subsidiary, Konsu Machinery Ltd., specialized in drip irrigation systems and sustainable farming practices.

After 2010, competition in agricultural area was inevitably growing. To benefit that growth, we have not only manufactured goods on our own, but we have also provided support and know-how to new manufacturers. Ergo, they developed their products, increased their profitability and brought prosperity to a once inactive market. Accordingly, we continued to build on our customers’ success.

Following years, the potential in sharing knowledge, providing support and overseeing delicate processes has become more and more evident. So towards the late 10’s, we have decided to formally assume a different role in industry. In 2020, we have reconstructed all our assets and resources as a new company, Venis Consulting.

Our Quality

What makes our work in Venis unique is our devotion to our nine values.


Having an upright attitude has always proved to be a strong catalyzer in business. A strong character ensures strong bonds. Through bonds we share and through bonds we thrive.


One has to acknowledge, business is about people and people are about honesty. To take our place in the future, we had to hold on to sincerity from the very beginning. Otherwise, one cannot go very far.


Forging new relations is easy. Maintaining them requires commitment and dedication. Allegiance to customers is what evolves a connection to a partnership.


To overcome hard tasks, before anything else, necessitates courage and gallantry. One has to believe the success is in reach and act swiftly. Otherwise, doubt and apprehension will never allow reliable work.


Limitations and dependencies are often brought on by one’s self. To free ourselves from certain shortcomings of our past, we have to keep an open mind for changes and opportunities that may arise from those changes.


Humbleness drives advancement. Only in light of humility, one can find place for improvement. If not, investments will be wrongly made. Most naturally, failure will be inevitable.

Team Spirit

Reaching a goal together and to support each other to that end is one of the most human things we can do. Cooperation is what made pyramids, skyscrapers, satellites possible. With our workers and with our partners, we find it well-worth investing.


Especially in international trade, trust has been an issue for a really long time. One way to achieve that trust, is to include customers on internal processes, being unsparing with details and show them how and why.


When you make people accountable for their actions, you’re effectively teaching them to value their work. That value ends up being an essential factor over the overall value produced by the business.


Niyazi Topsever is board chairman and CEO of Venis Consulting. He is responsible for Venis’ global business, including the company’s international partnerships, logistic operations and organizational operations.

Topsever joined Venis in September 2020 after more than 30 years in escalating leadership positions at leading manufacturing and global trade companies, including two CEO roles and more than two decades doing business in North America, Asia, Europe and Africa. His past experience includes time as both lead R&D engineer and marketing manager, and he brings insights from those roles to the company today.

He earned a bachelor’s degree from Istanbul Technical University in 1981 and attended its master’s degree program consecutively.