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HR for Blue-Collar

Through our partnership with you, we can find the best blue collar employee who matches your needs as a company and your work.
The first step is to determine what is your job and what it is you need. Secondly, we find the best possible blue collar employee meeting your needs. Our recruitment process involves screening candidates, as well as evaluating their abilities and at times we meet them on-site and see their abilities on the field in addition to checking their CVs.
Thus, our failure rate will be minimized through our efforts from the beginning.
Our company mainly specializes in CNC machine operators in metal working, welding technicians, electricians, and automation technicians.


In demand, we can have any kind of machinery part engineered and supplied.


Creating a business presence from scratch in a new market such as Turkey can be intimidating. One has to proceed according to local legislatures, navigate through local real-estate market, advertise on local channels. Most importantly, one has to have access to proper resources. We can confidently provide such services with care and caution.


Custom renovation and repurposing projects aiming to increase efficiency and lower costs.

Market Research

Whether it’s trade or investment, the viability of your business in a foreign environment mostly depends on local market characteristics. Our consultants will analyse your needs and tailor you the most suitable strategy for your venture.


We believe the best way to engage in new opportunities is through dialog. That said, language and distance always makes it difficult to form connections that last. We can facilitate that for you, representing your company and your brand locally.


Research and development have always been an integral part of our operations. “To stand still is to fall behind.” So, we have always invested in the future. Our main goal is to introduce new concepts such as IoT and Big Data to your long recurring problems and help you increase your efficiency, profit and overall competitiveness.

Technical Support

One of the hardships of marketing machinery internationally is maintaining the credibility and the sense of reliability to your company. Best way to do that is to ensure technical support to your clients. However doing that in an international scale always proves to be a challenge. Yet, what if you could handle the situation "locally"? We can easily have our engineers and technicians undertake such technical tasks for you in Turkey.


Most foreign businesses have trouble adapting to the new environment they operate. They usually happen to have limited interaction with other companies. Consequently they function in a much narrower area than what they could have. To eliminate that, we include your business to our industrial network.

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